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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Rough Copy Template

I created this form (one with single spacing and another with double spacing for larger writing). I kept repeating to students that they had to leave room for editing but that seemed to be just one more thing to remember while they were writing. This is working well.



Use this link for a copy:ROUGH COPY

Daily Five Working With Words


It has not been easy figuring out how to implement the Daily Five in our resource room but we are getting there. I love the differentiation it provides; it allows me to take children with different abilities and have them all doing something meaningful. Pictured is one of the activities from “Working With Words”. Activities include working with sight words (different levels and different games are provided), practicing weekly spelling words, phonics types of exercises and word challenges like BOGGLE.

Daily Reading, It’s Important!


A Fun App for an English Language Learner

I had fun with this one:

“Over” from Potluck.
It allows you to type over a photo.
A new student, that spoke no English, wandered the school with me and with my ipad. He took pictures of his classmates and teachers. Together we added names over the photos. After that I used the Pic Stitch app from Big Blue Clip to put the labelled photos into a collage and print them.
It was a fun way to begin learning names.


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