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Sight Words

Hanging’ up the laundry …

Task Boxes

I am interested in the idea of ‘task boxes’ and have been pinteresting and googling.  Here a student works independently on a task box.  The function of the boxes has been math skills, literacy skills, and fine motor skills.  The box contains a photo (for a visual instruction) and after demonstrating a couple of times the student should be able to work independently.   I can see many good skills being practiced this way!

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End of the Year


Looking down the hallway at all the ‘puddles’ to jump over. All puddles with sight words learned this year.
What a joy to see the growth and learning and excitement!
Looking forward to the journey that lies ahead.

An Easy Way To Help Those That Get Overwhelmed



A ‘custom-made-kid-folder’ gets things done one row at a time. A paperclip holds the worksheet in the correct position, to line up with the sections of the folder.


The Vowel Club

We decorated a banner for the vowel club (with washi tape 🙂
The best part was the amazement on the faces of my three kindergarteners when I told them that every word has at least one member of the club included! What fun to teach these little guys!


Early Intervention with Initial Sounds

I thought it would be great to let these “little guys” move while they practice the initial sounds of words.  This idea is adapted from one of the many free activities at The Florida Center for Reading Research.  Great stuff at that site.


photo (8) photo (9)

Informal Reading Test

Informal Reading Test

I have not written in awhile. Life pulls me along sometimes and I never want to feel pressure about a blog.

Speaking of pressure, we have reached the end of the term and I usually test each student’s reading level. The problem is, I don’t want to use the same test all the time or within a short time frame. This term I found an informal reading test for both oral and silent reading that was easy to use and FREE! I spent some time enlarging the reading passages for the students.

It is called the Jennings Informal Reading Inventory.

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