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Poster Of Highlighting Strategy

Poster Of Highlighting Strategy

I was just making a poster for using highlighters and thought I’d share.  I will colour, or have my students colour, the code they want.  For example, blue highlighter for “important / main ideas”, pink highlighter for “ask” and yellow highlighter for “look up / find more info”.

I also made a blank poster for using when doing a research essay.  I have my students cut and paste lots of notes.  Then, when reading through the notes, students use different colour highlighters to show the different points they will make in their essay.  For example an essay about the danger of microwave popcorn could use blue highlighting for points related to the nutrition of microwave popcorn, pink highlighting for the chemicals in microwave popcorn, and yellow highlighting for the chemicals in the packaging of microwave popcorn.  Once this highlighting is done in the notes, students can easily write a rough copy, compiling the same colour ideas and putting them into their own words.


Highlighter Poster

Highlighter Poster Blank


Are You Paying Attention?

20140331-215824.jpgI had an interesting conversation with some boys today. I asked,”What leads to remembering and learning?”

The answer: attention
Attention is the key to remembering and learning.


We began brainstorming things that can interrupt attention (in green) and then what we can do about it (in red). I was really excited at the insight shown by my students. I was even more excited when one of them asked if he could take a picture of our brainstorming whiteboard – yay! More discussion to come… we are going to focus on how to pay better attention when you feel uninterested or distracted.


Study Skills Toolbox

The study skills toolbox is filling up. Many tools…. now, will they choose to use them?

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