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Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Helpful Resource

Heard of AERO? It stands for “Alternative Educational Resources Ontario”. I received, on loan, for free, 9 books on CD and download. Students will use the digital book, along with the hard copy, to complete age appropriate book reports, etc. and hopefully cultivate a love of books! I used two last year and they were such a hit that I am really excited about my growing digital library!

I think people underestimate the benefits of digital books. Books experienced this way not only develop a love of books but also increase vocabulary, build comprehension skills, increase empathy for different characters and help the listener understand story structure.

A Checklist – Does Your Child Struggle with Executive Functioning?

Since I have been reading about executive function I found this checklist interesting. I bet many adults would read it and say “hey, that’s me!” It’s not something that has a cure, but knowing there is a struggle in this area means that putting strategies in place ahead of time would be very helpful and would prevent a lot of frustration. NCLD Executive Function Checklist

In fact, the newsletter from The National Center for Learning Disability has many great links including Tips For Talking to Your Child About Being Distracted and Unfocused and 13(Better) Questions to Ask Your Child About School.


Back to School

Figuring out my schedule and EAs schedule is tough for me. Here is my chart 🙂


Bulletin Boards, now that is the “funner” part of preparing for school:

20130820-074356.jpg 20130820-074403.jpg 20130820-074409.jpg 20130820-074418.jpg 20130820-074425.jpg






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