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Back to School

Figuring out my schedule and EAs schedule is tough for me. Here is my chart 🙂


Bulletin Boards, now that is the “funner” part of preparing for school:

20130820-074356.jpg 20130820-074403.jpg 20130820-074409.jpg 20130820-074418.jpg 20130820-074425.jpg






Teach Off The Wall


I love the idea of teaching off the wall. This bulletin board serves several purposes:

1. It illustrates to students that math is many different things (I point that out when a student says, “I am no good at math!” I can show them that there are areas that they find difficult and areas they are good at.)

2. It provides review (I make flaps to hide and then show answers. The chart on the right uses paper clips to hold cards in place so they can be added with different lessons.)

3. It is an anchor chart.

4. It reminds ME of things we’ve done so I can point out connections and do regular review.

I maybe use this bulletin board too much. I keep adding things. Every time I find something cool I want to add it. Fibinocci is pictured on the left – my students can’t believe someone would spend all his time thinking about math!

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