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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Summer Days


Trying to teach my children balance in the lazy, hazy days of summer… Before screen time they must choose an activity from each of the four categories listed in the top left corner. So, for example, Noah wants to get better at French so his learning time is a French teaching app on my iPad (yes, technically that’s screens). Hailee has been memorizing a song on the piano for her creative.
The jobs are listed so that my house is pretty much clean by Saturday.
The black lines of the job board are black permanent marker and the green is dry erase, that way I can erase and change jobs without erasing the grid. On the top half of each square is one of the housecleaning jobs that I have figured out. I add another small task to the bottom of the square the night before so that I can be flexible with that one. For example there may be a lot of towels on the clothesline so I add that to Noah’s job for the next day.
For the most part the kids have kept busy with a variety of activities!

Summer Reading

We actually LOVE books. We have many, all over the house. All my children signed up for the summer reading programs and incentives from school and the library. To help organize the mess I devised a new plan: unread and “currently reading” books in the basket, finished books in the bag (purchased at Bibles for Missions for $1 🙂 )




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Getting reluctant writers to write a little each day coaxes them into building their confidence and enjoyment in writing (of course some fancy pens and paper help too! I have found students, esp. those with weak fine motor skills, really enjoy felt tip pens.)

Getting started…

As I evaluate my role in the resource room I feel frustrated by being limited to my 40 minute classes and my narrow time frames for student instruction and meetings with parents.  I want to be able to provide additional resources for students, parents and teachers and thought this blog might be a good way to do that.  I love a good idea, I love taking good ideas and making them my own.

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