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I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher. My passion is working with students to help them find their strengths and develop strategies to work through challenges. I began work as a special education teacher in 2006 and before that taught in different elementary grades for 7 years. Finding ideas and adapting them to meet the needs of students is fun for me! I believe that flexibility, enthusiasm, and a sense of humour are essential for the jobs of wife, mother and teacher!


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  1. Irene Zylstra

    Hi Brenda,
    Your dad and I had a chat when he billeted with my husband and I on July 9th. He was participating in shore2shore at the time. I am an educational assistant working with students as they learn specialized software such as kurzweil, and wordq. Your dad was very proud to tell me about you and your passion for teaching. So I checked out your website and I can see your passion. I hope you get recharged over the summer. The school year will be here in no time.
    Irene Zylstra


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