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Informal Reading Test

Informal Reading Test

I have not written in awhile. Life pulls me along sometimes and I never want to feel pressure about a blog.

Speaking of pressure, we have reached the end of the term and I usually test each student’s reading level. The problem is, I don’t want to use the same test all the time or within a short time frame. This term I found an informal reading test for both oral and silent reading that was easy to use and FREE! I spent some time enlarging the reading passages for the students.

It is called the Jennings Informal Reading Inventory.

So True!


I have a sick ten year old today so I took the opportunity to read a book to him that I love but he would not choose on his own: Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat.

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Teaching Expression

Our mini lesson for reading today was about expression. My students seem to have mastered expression when they tell a story so today our focus was on adding expression when they read a story. I told my students about the time when I read Stone Fox to my grade two class and I started to cry – I got so caught up in the expression. I told my students about the time I read Are You My Mother? to my then two-year old and he started to cry when the little bird cries out “I want my mother!”

I tried to emphasize that your expression draws people into what you are saying.
I also wanted to emphasize expression because adding expression will increase students’ understanding as they read.
I have attached our poster Reading with Expression.


Daily Reading, It’s Important!


Daily Five Listen to Reading


Here is our small but popular “Listen to Reading” area. I have four MP3 players and I bought small cases at the dollar store. Some of the audiobooks have a text to go with and some do not. Students have not been using these in my classroom but instead take them to their regular classroom or home. In this way students have been able to read some of the same books as their peers. This has generated some real excitement and given the students that see me the chance to have a book report on display depicting an age appropriate book. One great resource for audiobooks has been AERO.

Daily Five

Another new incentive after the Christmas break has been The Daily Five (although we don’t get to all five in a day). The Daily Five is made up of five stations: working with words, working with writing, reading to someone, reading to self, and listening to reading. The Daily Five was designed by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. You can read about it here: Daily Five

I want to adapt the daily five to the resource room for three reasons: I want my students to read independently each day, write each day, and have regular conferences with me.

There are some big challenges to adapting this format to the resource room. One challenge is finding reading passages that are at an independent reading level for my students but at the same time are age appropriate (and appealing). Over the break I took different black line masters from teachers in other grades, cut off any grade level labelling, cut off any babyish pictures, laminated and levelled. This has become our “Read to Someone” station. This is working well so far since the levels are good and the length of the passages is very manageable. I feel like students have been pleasantly surprised at their success and enjoyment of daily reading (keep in mind that these are self professed book haters).


I am excited to think through each of The Daily Five.

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