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So True!


I have a sick ten year old today so I took the opportunity to read a book to him that I love but he would not choose on his own: Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat.

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Jobs Around The House

I want my children to do jobs for several reasons:
(a) because they are part of a family and family works together
(b) to teach them that things don’t “clean up themselves”
(c) to teach them responsibility instead of taking things (and me) for granted
(d) to keep MEfrom getting annoyed that everyone is playing and making a mess while I work my butt off

This is a list I’ve kept in my cupboard (taped inside the door) with ideas for regular jobs that the kids can do. Now that the kids are older they have daily jobs. I keep the jobs separate from allowance, I want them to help for the above reasons, not for monetary reward.


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