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A Great Beginner Resource

I stumbled on this great site for early learning – letters, sight words and numbers.

All you need is a good printer and this site!

hand holding a pencil

It’s A Washing Machine!

It’s A Washing Machine!


Sight Word Shirt goes in …. (flips over) and comes out clean!   

Instructions to make one are  HERE.


Sight Words

Hanging’ up the laundry …

End of the Year


Looking down the hallway at all the ‘puddles’ to jump over. All puddles with sight words learned this year.
What a joy to see the growth and learning and excitement!
Looking forward to the journey that lies ahead.

Re-reading for Fluency

A focus this week: fluency and sight words. A big part of this is re-reading. Sometimes I find that a challenge, especially with older children. Our project this week was using a sight words story from I made a computer file for each student that divided the story into four parts. Over a few […]

Daily Five Working With Words


It has not been easy figuring out how to implement the Daily Five in our resource room but we are getting there. I love the differentiation it provides; it allows me to take children with different abilities and have them all doing something meaningful. Pictured is one of the activities from “Working With Words”. Activities include working with sight words (different levels and different games are provided), practicing weekly spelling words, phonics types of exercises and word challenges like BOGGLE.

Try it First! Transition Words

We know we should take the time but we just don’t. Our explanations and lessons would be so much better if we did. We need to try activities before we ask our students to do them.
Many times an activity could have gone more smoothly if I had just tried it first.
I found this Christmas activity that I will ask kids to do in partners. It targets sight words and transition words. I tried it first myself to figure out strategies I would suggest for students that seem overwhelmed by the task. I think I will give students the title and some blank cards so that they can add words. I realized that I first picked out the transition words so I decided I will first teach a mini lesson on transition words and ask students to identify the transition words in their packet of words.





Trying the activity myself will definitely affect how I approach this lesson.

The activity is from an ESL site: Bogglesworld
The transition words chart is from Reading Rockets

Ticket Out The Door

I like to keep things cyclical – remind kids regularly of things we have learned. It is good for bringing information from short term memory to long term. The problem is that I don’t remember what to ask about!
The solution is the “ticket out the door”. Most days, as we work on something, I put a key concept on a small recipe card (I keep a stack nearby). The card gets added to an envelope with other recipe cards from previous lessons. The envelope is right next to the door. As students leave, I draw a card and they must answer the review question. Sometimes they must all answer the same question (whisper the answer to me), sometimes I ask each person to give me an example of the concept i.e. “everyone give me an example of a synonym before you leave”, and other times I draw one for each student ( a great review, too, for the others who hear all the questions and answers).
Today I put two more envelopes by the door. These are words I word like students to regularly review. I will sometimes use these as the tickets out the door.

Here are the words in these particular envelopes:



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