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Daily Five Working With Words


It has not been easy figuring out how to implement the Daily Five in our resource room but we are getting there. I love the differentiation it provides; it allows me to take children with different abilities and have them all doing something meaningful. Pictured is one of the activities from “Working With Words”. Activities include working with sight words (different levels and different games are provided), practicing weekly spelling words, phonics types of exercises and word challenges like BOGGLE.

The Sentence Police

It can be difficult to provide students with the necessary repetition of a concept while keeping it fun and motivating. This is one way I’ve tried to rev up our editing every once in awhile.

20121128-163743.jpg I wear the hat (I know, I am weird) and hand out tickets. As students fix their errors they hand the ticket back. It keeps us laughing about mistakes but also attentive to details.

The tickets say “Capital Offense,” “Omission Error,” “Punctuation Violation ,” and “Spelling Infraction.”

Spelling Practice


I like students to see the correct version of what they are practicing a number of times before they are asked to recall. They need time to form a correct “brain picture”. Many parents quiz children the first day after receiving the spelling list but this may cause students to form an incorrect “brain picture”. I apply this same concept to math facts, memory work, anything to be memorized.

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