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An Essay Formula

I am introducing essay writing to a few students. We are writing a collective essay on GOOGLE docs – each person researching and writing one paragraph about squirrels (because we keep seeing them out our windows!). Today we talked about the keys to writing an introduction and conclusion. This activity is a lot of fun! Seeing everybody’s typing happening on one document at the same time pushed each student to do his part. It was also less overwhelming and should have a great outcome – a five paragraph essay!

OUR HOT TIP: when doing research, GOOGLE “info for kids” with your topic so that the articles are shorter and to the point!


Graphic Organizer for a Report

Great writing this week from some of my favourite kids! They used a graphic organizer as their “map” to help them plan a report of an event that has just happened at school or will be happening soon. We discussed that reports and reporters stick to the facts (not opinions) and they answered the who, what, when, where, why, and how about an event.

The graphic organizer we used is here.

I think I am convincing them that a graphic organizer, or plan, is worthwhile. Today, in about 15 minutes, they had each written a short rough copy report from their completed graphic organizer.
They were successful (fact) and I think they are amazing (opinion)!



You can find my rough copy paper here.

Description Direction

I often hear, “I don’t know what to write.” This is my attempt at a visual to direct descriptive writing. (Don’t judge – this was a quick pic I put on the white board.) Students were given small pictures of different aliens and then asked to write a description. This lesson worked well – the visual gave a direction and the fact that they were describing a fictional character meant the description could not be judged as wrong.

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