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Pre-writing Skills to Writing

One of the most exciting things to see in my job is watching a young learner start to read and write. Amazing.


Here we counted the phonemes in the word “rabbit”; we count the sounds we hear when we say the word slowly. We put a different block down for each sound. Once a student can do this oral blending (see previous blog entry “Turtle Talk”) we talk about what letter to write to match each sound. I point to each of the separate blocks as we write the letters to help children think about separate sounds. Later I will add things like two letters making one sound (like th, sh, ch). Today was one of those amazing times.

Early Intervention I Enjoy

I purchased the Letterland program some time ago and never really had a chance to dive into it. This year I am trying it with some kindergarten students that need review of the letters. I am really enjoying it!
Each letter becomes a character. Like “b” is Bouncy Ben and “c” is Clever Cat. There is a story book introducing the letters – we read one page each day. I have playing cards, magnets, dice I made, and now flash cards I made. We play “Go Fish”, memory, read the words on a game board (game board made by me to fit the cards), put-the-magnets-in-order, the list goes on…It has been such a blessing to watch these students learn the sounds and put them together! I would recommend this for parents that want to review with their children!



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