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I used this handout,Reforming Sentences, to try and review grammar in a way that demonstrates the purpose of grammar to my students. I have told them that I want their simple sentences to look more like middle schooler sentences and that grammar is the way to achieve better sentences.

This sheet’s instructions can be a little confusing at first, so do some with your students. On the second row, the instruction is “circle the nouns”. They need to circle the nouns of the sentence before then rewrite the sentence with adjectives added. The third row says “box the verb” – they do this to the sentence in the second row then rewrite the sentence with adverbs.

It was fun at the conclusion of this activity to have everyone read aloud his best sentence.

A Girls’ Group

Salvaging Sisterhood 1


Salvaging Sisterhood 2


I am just completing 8 sessions of Salvaging Sisterhood with the grade seven girls of our school.  What a privilege to have a chance like this to get to know these girls in a time spent away from math and reading.  The lit candles were our candles of confidentiality (battery operated) and the box contains affirmation sentences that the girls take with them after each session to help them battle the negative things they may tell themselves.

It has been busy, but well worth the time.  Highly recommend this curriculum.

This Is What It’s All About

I felt weary today…. then I found this on my desk, just what I needed.


Sweet Sweet Kids

Look what I found on my white board today. It made my day.


Silent Reminders

It’s more difficult to slowly phase out verbal prompts than non-verbal prompts. In other words, if you remind a child to do a task over and over, he may always wait for your reminder. Non-verbal prompts, reminders with no words, can be used to achieve changed behaviour and then can be phased out for more independent compliance.

This is what an educational assistant (EA) and I put together for just such silent reminders (this is worn on the wrist of the teacher and the EA):

It does seem more logical to remind someone to stay quiet without talking yourself.

Visit to Michigan

I recently spent three days in Michigan touring schools that do inclusive education really well. Our group’s host was an organization called CLC. I went on the trip with 4 administrators. This trip was a blessing in many ways.
Watch this video from Zeeland Christian School, one of the schools we visited and the school where I did my special education placement (the teacher talking on the video was my supervising teacher):

<p><a href=”″>Stronger Together: Inclusive Education</a> from <a href=”″>Zeeland Christian School</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

I have felt inspired to try some of the things that I saw and reorganize and share!  The value of each child is valued here, regardless of his ability to complete the curriculum.

Take The Teacher Test

Take The Teacher Test.

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