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What’s On Your List of Awesome?

In about May, as the weather begins to change, the sun is shining longer, kids probably get less sleep, I notice a downward slide in motivation and an upward climb of negative emotions (in both my own children and my students).
This year to help with these “I can’t wait until summer blues” we read portions of 1000 Awesome Things.
I love the idea of finding joy in the small things. I showed my students the list of awesome that my own family had put together after reading The Book of Awesome. So many small things to be thankful for!

So what’s on your list of awesome? Here are some of my favourites right now:

20130703-085641.jpgMy homeade flavoured water!

20130703-085649.jpgMy nutribullet smoothies!

20130705-093013.jpg My quiet spot!

20130705-084622.jpgMy Martha Stewart get organized binder!

20130705-085049.jpgHummingbirds and my new hummingbird feeder!

Re: Time

There is a time for everything under the sun. King Solomon said that. Summer is time to recharge and rejuvenate. Although I know they need a break, I long for my students to review. I fear the backslide after they have worked so hard to get to where they are.
Three suggestions for summer review:

1. Do it regularly so that it becomes “no big deal”, just part of the daily routine.

2. Review should be at a level that it can be done independently. You, the parent, are the enforcer, making sure it happens, but kids should be able to do it without you. In my house a math page and a French activity must be done before screen time. Since my kids want screen time, they make sure to get their work done.

3. Give your kids the option of just going to bed OR going to bed and reading for twenty minutes. Kids will say, “Can I just go to bed later?” You say, “No, you can go to bed now with reading or without, but you go to bed now”. My reluctant reader always chose reading in this scenario! Soon he was into a book and was seen picking it up during the day too!

I am looking forward to renewing my focus and reflecting on my year. I hope my students take time to remember their achievements and solidify their learning.

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