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Easy Peasy and So Helpful!

This week I taught my students this vocabulary word:  ACCESSIBILITY

I explained that it is a gateway to getting somewhere that can otherwise be a challenge.   Students took out iPads or iPods and looked to the setting for “Accessibility”.  Once found, they turned on “Speak Selection”.  Now, anytime browsing the web in Safari or looking at a word document they can highlight the text and one of the choices will be “Speak”.  The text is read while individual words are highlighted.

This was exciting to all.  I emphasized that “Accessibility” would be a part of their future technology and they had only to find and activate it.  The gateway will be wide open!  No more struggling to keep up reading a website that the teacher has assigned.  One student was so excited, he immediately set it up on his iPod, went online and found the local newspaper, and started listening to articles that he could use for current events.  Another student shouted, “I can’t wait to show this to my dad, he won’t believe this!”

No limits!


Click here for a copy of an instructional handout that I will present to my staff.

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