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Sight Words

Hanging’ up the laundry …

End of the Year


Looking down the hallway at all the ‘puddles’ to jump over. All puddles with sight words learned this year.
What a joy to see the growth and learning and excitement!
Looking forward to the journey that lies ahead.

The Vowel Club

We decorated a banner for the vowel club (with washi tape đŸ™‚
The best part was the amazement on the faces of my three kindergarteners when I told them that every word has at least one member of the club included! What fun to teach these little guys!


Early Intervention with Initial Sounds

I thought it would be great to let these “little guys” move while they practice the initial sounds of words.  This idea is adapted from one of the many free activities at The Florida Center for Reading Research.  Great stuff at that site.


photo (8) photo (9)

Pre-writing Skills to Writing

One of the most exciting things to see in my job is watching a young learner start to read and write. Amazing.


Here we counted the phonemes in the word “rabbit”; we count the sounds we hear when we say the word slowly. We put a different block down for each sound. Once a student can do this oral blending (see previous blog entry “Turtle Talk”) we talk about what letter to write to match each sound. I point to each of the separate blocks as we write the letters to help children think about separate sounds. Later I will add things like two letters making one sound (like th, sh, ch). Today was one of those amazing times.

Early Intervention I Enjoy

I purchased the Letterland program some time ago and never really had a chance to dive into it. This year I am trying it with some kindergarten students that need review of the letters. I am really enjoying it!
Each letter becomes a character. Like “b” is Bouncy Ben and “c” is Clever Cat. There is a story book introducing the letters – we read one page each day. I have playing cards, magnets, dice I made, and now flash cards I made. We play “Go Fish”, memory, read the words on a game board (game board made by me to fit the cards), put-the-magnets-in-order, the list goes on…It has been such a blessing to watch these students learn the sounds and put them together! I would recommend this for parents that want to review with their children!



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