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Differentiation and Small Groups

Recently, on one of the blogs I follow, I read:

If you have not structured your classroom to be able to work with small groups, you’re not meeting all your kiddos at their level. Whole group instruction addresses the needs of only about 1/3 of your students.

a quote from the blog called “Math Coach’s Corner

The author was talking about math instruction and I would add reading. I agree with the quote, although I did not always practice this. I have observed whole group instruction where some of the kids figured they already knew the info so they tuned out, some of the kids really needed to listen but things went too quickly and they didn’t understand so they got distracted.
I’m not saying whole group instruction can’t work, the challenge is to find ways to keep your audience engaged, and then when it comes to practice and reinforcement time, find ways to meet the needs of students at different levels (and we’re back to working with small groups).

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