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From the Mouths of Kids in the Resource Room

I asked some of my students what they would like me to tell teachers about what frustrates them. I got some very insightful replies:

It’s really hard to take a ton of notes. I try to keep up but my notes are all over the place.

When I have to read in a group I wish other kids didn’t jump in so fast to give me the words. They don’t even give me a chance to try and figure it out.

When I work in a group, kids don’t let me do anything. They think I can’t.

It’s frustrating when the teacher explains a question and I’m not there yet. When I get to the question I ask for help and the teacher says, “Weren’t you listening?”

It’s frustrating when the teacher does not explain things because she thinks we already know.

Some positive things were mentioned. Trusted, nonjudgmental peers and teachers that take some extra time, definitely do not go unnoticed.

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