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It’s A Washing Machine!

It’s A Washing Machine!


Sight Word Shirt goes in …. (flips over) and comes out clean!   

Instructions to make one are  HERE.


More Data Collecting

IMG_0629  These ideas were great for data collecting at Teachers Pay Teachers  (free).

My students visited JK and SK and recorded their data.  Then they used the website Create a Graph from Kids Zone to play around with different graphs using the data.  It was great for getting across the different ways you can represent your information AND it was fun!

IMG_0628            IMG_0638     IMG_0639

Data Collecting

This picture looks funny to me – like the two kids staring out the window on a rainy day at the start of the book The Cat in the Hat. What is actually happening is two math students are collecting data about the types of vehicles that drive past our school in the morning. It’s amazing the involvement, concentration and analyzing that happens in this type of activity – despite being self proclaimed ‘math haters’. I laugh (on the inside of course so that it doesn’t show) when they ask if they can quickly finish their math work so that they can do more data collecting !



Task Boxes

I am interested in the idea of ‘task boxes’ and have been pinteresting and googling.  Here a student works independently on a task box.  The function of the boxes has been math skills, literacy skills, and fine motor skills.  The box contains a photo (for a visual instruction) and after demonstrating a couple of times the student should be able to work independently.   I can see many good skills being practiced this way!

Photo (7)

SK Made A Song To Remember the Tough Numbers

SK Made A Song To Remember the Tough Numbers

Can you guess which numbers are hard to remember? We made a song. Thank you to the two cutest singers you’ve ever seen.

An Easy Way To Help Those That Get Overwhelmed



A ‘custom-made-kid-folder’ gets things done one row at a time. A paperclip holds the worksheet in the correct position, to line up with the sections of the folder.


Some Kids Just Need To Move

Pyramid Facts (you can read about them here):

Here’s an activity to practice pyramid facts that also gets a student moving:

To start working towards division, the student rearranged the numbers to show division:


More Interactive Math

One day with this activity and my student declared, “I get it!”

There is a brad with a piece of elastic, some packing tape across the top and the bottom, and sticky notes. Just an effort to be more kinesthetic.


I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

My grade 7 and 8 math students have been working on geometry, and specifically, angles. Today we had a building time to make learning more authentic. I found this great website with free plans. Using a plan for a preschool picnic table, we measured everything in centimetres instead of inches to make it miniature size. We used thin styrofoam strips, small nails from my husband’s model railway set, as well as his miniature hack saw. This was fun!
We started with this:

20140305-213027.jpg                                          20140305-213528.jpg


Students really showed some hidden talents! Talents in leadership, cooperation, and building skills! Here are two finished products:



Easy Folders to Make For Centres

I poke paperclips through for children to easily manipulate and attach cards. This folder is for telling time. A Level 1bag has o’clock and thirty digital cards to match with analogue clock pictures. Level 2 is :00, :15, :30, and :45. Level 3 includes any minutes and Level 4 includes things like “quarter to”. Level 5 will match cards that say things like 10 minutes after 3:35, dealing with elapsed time. I simply have students bring a finished folder to me when complete and I check it and tell them whether or not they can go to the next level.


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