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Easy Social Narrative for Behavioural Concerns 

Social narratives are used proactively to visually review routine and expectations.  They are written to reflect positive choices.  This site contains a ‘visual engine’ to easily create a narrative.  I had fun making this!!


img_0484    img_0485




Modified History

Modified History

My student made the game from the Fur Traders book in the Robert Livesey History Series. These books are full of activities.  Neat activities. 

Also pictured is a Donna Ward book that keeps it simple and provides short reading passages with questions.


Task Boxes

I am interested in the idea of ‘task boxes’ and have been pinteresting and googling.  Here a student works independently on a task box.  The function of the boxes has been math skills, literacy skills, and fine motor skills.  The box contains a photo (for a visual instruction) and after demonstrating a couple of times the student should be able to work independently.   I can see many good skills being practiced this way!

Photo (7)

Educational Assistants

Educational assistants (EA’s) are so valuable in a school! The best qualifications of an EA are patience, love, creativity, and consistency. In my opinion, those qualities far outweigh any courses that may have been completed.
EA’s help provide students with the needed support to function within the classroom.

Here you see a big dice (di?) that one EA created in her ‘spare’ time. Also, a tactile ecosystem model. Both are examples of how an EA is making inclusion successful.




Indoor Recess

A rainy day and an indoor recess provides us an opportunity to try out the lift!



A Think ‘N Roll

One of my students really likes this thingy called a “Think ‘N Roll”. It is a tool for fidgeting feet.
It can make noise so I have cautioned students that when that happens it is no longer an effective tool helping them to listen and will be put away for a time.
This is discreet, keeps kids from tipping the chair, and it is simple to add or remove. It costs $9. at School Specialty Canada. Unfortunately shipping and handling can add a chunk but I was ordering a bunch of stuff since there are some neat tools available.


Anyone Have a Chromebook?

Our school now has a class set of chrome books in grade 8. This meant I wanted to figure out accessibility options. ChromeVox is a text to speech option on the Chromebook. It took awhile but I think I’ve finally figured out how to use it. I made a little laminated card that students can stick right to their Chromebook (although one student of mine does not want it visible and I respect that). Message me if you need a downloadable copy.


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