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Our School’s Diabetes Day

Authentic Writing Assignment 

Good old fashioned letter writing… I asked my students to send something inspirational to themselves or write a letter to their parents.  They practiced writing an address then we walked to the mailbox and sent out the letters. This is what one student sent to his parents – I think he’s a genius ūüėĄ


Self Esteem – the Mental Health of Teens

I had the opportunity today to talk to the grade eight class about self esteem.

Here is part of the handout I created.

When I did the first session I had a student hold a mason jar of water to show that our problems get heavier over time if we don’t deal with them. ¬†I also broke a ceramic jar and had a student glue it back together to show the cracks in our lives and how light can shine through. ¬†Today while I talked I had a student assemble a ‘Vision Board’ for the class. ¬†It was a lot of concepts to throw at the students in a short amount of time and I was so passionate I was hoarse afterwards! ¬†Hopefully the students will find some concepts to help them through emotional struggles. ¬†I tried to stress that integrity is the values and standards we find most important and then sticking to those standards. ¬†Our worth and self esteem does not have to be measured by culture’s standards but by the standards we have set by our values.

Christ's Light in Jars of Clay


Having Trouble Handling an Angry Child

Having Trouble Handling an Angry Child

I created¬†Loving Through the Anger¬†as a reference for parents and teachers. ¬†It is a short version of things that have ‘stuck with me’ and really ‘struck a chord with me’ through the years of coming alongside children that struggle with strong emotions. ¬†Each reference given, points to so much more information. ¬†This is one of my passions right now. ¬†I truly believe that behaviour from a child is communication and our behaviour can communicate so much back to the child. ¬†There are times [weird, I know] when I am glad to catch moments of anger, etc. because these become teachable moments and times when I can congratulate self regulation and efforts towards self control. ¬†Of course, ask my own children if I always handle these issues ‘properly’…. ¬†on second thought, probably better not to ask my own children – just read the reference sheet instead.

Counting, Counting, Counting

My first thought was to start with the zero at the top but then I thought starting at the bottom would better portray that the numbers were getting bigger.


Visual Incentives

I used this kind of system to encourage my young son (quite a few years ago ūüôā ¬†) to come downstairs each morning dressed and ready for school. ¬†He had a picture of icecream and earned a choice of icecream for the family’s dessert. Much better than resorting to nagging.

A Great Beginner Resource

I stumbled on this great site for early learning – letters, sight words and numbers.

All you need is a good printer and this site!

hand holding a pencil

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