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Fluency Comes From Interesting Places

My son had a difficult start with reading. He got extra help at school (we love you Mrs. L.). When he “graduated” from the remedial group he was kind of sad because it had been so much fun and so rewarding. That’s when we bought our son his first superhero encyclopedia. He read it, and read it, and read it, and ….. He now has more encyclopedias and they are held together by duct tape. He is reading words like “pyrokinetic” and “intergalactic”.

20130608-185408.jpg                       20130608-190446.jpg                        20130608-190405.jpg
Repeated reading builds fluency. This summer, it is important for parents to know that when it comes to helping your child read more quickly and more smoothly it is the quantity of reading that counts more than the quality. I hear some parents that want to “push” their children to read more challenging books but if fluency is your target, aim for books that are at your child’s independent reading level and encourage them to read it again and again.


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