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Laughter and Pain

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.”
Erma Bombeck

Today I narrowly escaped serious injury….well maybe not serious injury but I am thankful that I only have a bruise rather than a broken ankle. One of our young athletes slapshotted (that’s what I call it ) my ankle while I was on yard duty.

Why the above quote? A couple of reasons:
(1) the humour in the fact that I don’t play sports because I’m too afraid to get hurt
(2) the pain was worth the laughter and fun I witnessed as I was sandwiched between two groups of boys. I watched (too closely) a group from grades six to eight play hockey and another group from mixed grades play basketball. There is something so neat about watching mixed ages play together – there seems to be less competitiveness and a lot more laughter due to the acceptance of different skill levels.

I feel that the risk the school takes letting boys play hockey at recess is rewarded with laughter and humour. I guess I will continue to watch closely (though not as closely) so as to try and avoid the pain and hurt.


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